1802 and 1806

I noticed your new Former ARR Equipment page and thought you might be interested in this update. The AKC purchased former ARR 1802 and 1806 from Alaska Metal Recycling (AMR) today.  These units will be moved to a leasehold adjacent to the South side of the ARR Anchorage yard (the old powerplant area) for futher disposition.  AKC's aim is to put these units back in service in lease or direct operations.

1802 was the most recently operated of the units.  It does need the transition replaced (locked in high range) and could use three new wheelsets.  ARR also removed all of the 26L gear from both units, so that will be the first order of business in their return to service.  1806 has one traction motor missing and could use four wheelsets. The wheels are at minimums but will probably not be used until these are replaced.  1806 had the main generator overhauled just before it was retired and sold.  It was never even hooked up.  Also, 1806 has the connectors for operating a rotary plow.

The control stands were left in both units but controls and seats were removed.  Also, lights, horns, a water pump (I believe it went to MATI for 1718), and a cooling fan were removed.  Still, we had the units appraised in January by Todd Havens of Western Rail, Inc (Spokane, WA) and believe we still got a good deal even with the work ahead. I'll keep you up on the progress.

Other ARR equipment we have acquired is as follows:  LC 103, American 840 DE, parted out, scrapped May '01 with AMR.  LC 37, American 5030 DE (no boom), parting out, will scrap with AMR soon.  Flat car (LC 103 Idler) ARR 698E, 70-ton, retaining.

Mike Presley
CEO, Alaska Central Railroad (AKC)