Alaska Central Railway/Northern Railroad
News Articles from the Seattle Times
Relayed via John Taubeneck

"The Seattle Times is a daily paper that has been in publication since about 1895.  Their back issues from 1895 to 1984 are on line through the local library."

Feb 25, 1904  Within the next thirty days 15 flat cars and a locomotive will be sent to Seward.

May 7, 1904   41 cars of rail received in Seattle for ACRy.

May 11, 1904   Seward April 30-SS Bertha to arrive today with first locomotive and construction train for ACRy.

May 17, 1904   SS Santa Anna sails today with 407 tons of rails and about a dozen flatcars for ACR

April 8, 1905  SS Dakota will soon start loading 6000 tons of rail and fastenings at Brooklyn, NY for the ACRy.

April 30, 1905   ACRy has 20 miles completed and in operation.  Another 15 are graded and ready for rails.  

May 28, 1905   ACRy has 7000 tons of rails and 30 cars on the way

June 27, 1905   SS Dakota arrived today with 6000 tons of rails for the ACRy

Aug. 4, 1904   SS Edith sailed yesterday with 2000 tons of rails and fastenings, 6 flatcars and a 60 ton Baldwin locomotive for the ACRy.  The Edith will make three more trips to carry the material brought out by the Dakota.  Each of the next two trips she will carry a 60 ton locomotive. The ACRy having purchased 3 of the Mogul type in addition to the two lighter ones forwarded to Seward last year.

Aug. 12, 1905   ACRy completed to Thrall Creek Lakes.  running three trains a day

Aug 26, 1905   Seward Aug 14   SS Edith docked yesterday with rails, 1 locomotive and five new flatcars.

Aug 29, 1905   Sailor Philip Spidzen killed when mast snaps while loading ACRy flat car on SS Melville Dollar at Seattle.  

Nov 17, 1905   SS Santa Ana sailed yesterday with 300 tons of rails and 4 flatcars for the ACRy.  The number of flatcars sent up in the last 10 months numbers more than 50.  Additional rolling stock is being forwarded as fast as it can be procured from the shops.

Dec 15, 1905   SS Santa Ana to sail tomorrow with big snow plow for ACRy.

May 28, 1915   The commission will take over the Alaska Northern RR July 1.  Line open to mile 40.  Gas cars being operated.

August 19, 1915   Colorado Fuel & Iron gets contract for 4950 tons of 70# rail $148,500.  One third to be in Seattle by September 3 and the rest by October 3.

September 1, 1915   The Alaska Steamship Co. steamer Seward will sail about September 15 with 1600 tons of rail.  Also on the Seward will be 20 ballast cars, 10 purchased in Portland, OR and 10 are from the government used on construction of the Celilo Canal on the Columbia river.

Sept. 6, 1915   SS Sinolia will arrive in Seattle today after delivering the first cargo of construction equipment sent from the Panama Canal to the AEC.

Sept. 27, 1915   SS Admiral Farragut to sail tonight with 200 tons of rails for AEC camp at Anchorage.  SS Seward will sail tonight with 5000 tons of cargo for the AEC.

Oct. 10, 1915   SS Yucatan loading 300 tons of rails for AEC at Anchorage

Oct. 30, 1915   45 car loads of rails are being unloaded in Seattle for shipment to the AEC Nov 8, 1915   AEC stearnwheeler Jane burned to the waterline at Anchorage last night.

Dec 23, 1915   AEC has kept the road open to mile 34.  Rotary plow not used yet.

August 18, 1916. Alaska Engineering Commission barge Lawrence will leave tonight for Anchorage towed by the US Army Tug Wilson.  Cargo includes 200 tons of bar iron and 70# rail, 13 flat cars, 2 18 ton locomotives and a locomotive crane.  



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