John H. Ostrom Photo Album


"My dad worked on the Alaska Railroad as a section foreman in the fifties and we lived in section houses in Garner, Birchwood, Bird, and Sunshine. It was a wonderful experience.

"When we lived at Bird, I took the train morning and evening to attend part of the 7th grade in Girdwood in 1956 at a one-room schoolhouse, and I used a dogsled to get to the school bus at Chugiak when we lived at Birchwood. I remember walking with my girlfriend through miles of snow to a homesteader's place who had TV to see Elvis on 'Ed Sullivan.' I remember my first time seeing Anchorage -- it looked like Dodge City in 'Gunsmoke.'

"My dad loved the Alaska Railroad and was a proud and hard worker. My mom, Trixie Ostrom, cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner at several sections for the men.

"I have found an old photo album that my dad put together years ago with many pictures of Alaska Railroad sections where he lived in the early 1950s, such as Honolulu & Hurricane. My dad would be glad to know his memories will live on." -- Jan Ostrom


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