Alaska Central Railway Trip

These photos came from a album I purchased on eBay. It features an August 1918 trip on the Alaska Central Railway.
What an incredible historical record of the ACRy! I wish I could go back in time for one day and take a similar trip myself.

image 1. Marathon Mountain. Taken from railroad building. August 1918
image 2. Footbridge over the river
image 3. Looking down at a tunnel
image 4. Tunnel and track
image 5. Tunnel and trestle
image 6. Tunnel and glacier
image 8. Spencer Glacier
image 9. The Loop
image 10. The Loop
image 11. Snow shed
image 12. In Placer flat near Spencer Glacier, Mile 54
image 13. Placer plains near Mile 54. This is where we stopped.


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