Your opinions of the new 
SD70MAC paint design...
Like: 9

Dislike: 15

Voting ended September 30




I like the present Chester Mack scheme better.  I remember how striking it was when first introduced in the mid-70's especially compared with the old black and yellow.  I think the new scheme is too ordinary, with routine bow wave followed by horizontal striping.

Sorry, but it doesn't do anything for me. I vote no.

I think it looks great, and should look better on the real thing.

I think its somewhat ugly. I dont like it.

As an out-of-stater from the lower 48, but having relatives in Alaska, I have to put my two cent's worth in. I vote thumbs down. No class. One expects a class act from the largest of the 50 states. Pooh! Pooh!

I agree that it looks good on the GPs but I think they should create a new scheme like Burlington Northern did with their SD70macs when they purchesed them. I think that if they add another color stripe to border the yellow, definately change the lettering and even change the tone of the colors to a darker one may greatly improve them. But this is a big step for the company and a whole new paint scheme may be a smart idea.

Please tell me this scheme is only under consideration.  Very disappointing.  I had hoped an original scheme would be used rather than what looks to be a GMLG design. 

I don't think I like the new paint. it may be ok on the gp's but on the 70mac it's not so hot, maybe if I could get a look at one on a full sized loco it may help. I think that I'd prefer the old paint on the bigger sd70macs. the black & gold dressed up a touch may look better.

I don't like the proposed paint scheme.  The blue and yellow of the
GP49's would work just as well.  The font that ARR used when they had black and yellow engines would be more interesting than the proposed font also.

I would like to see the scheme used on the newest passenger cars. The grey roof blue bode with yellow bands and silver trucks is fantastic.  Really handsome. Too much yellow on the SD's

I don't hate it, but it's not much to be proud of either.  Let's try a
different font for the big, bold ALASKA on the side of the loco's.

Looks good. I like it.

I think the new paint looks great!

I love the new paint scheme. It is real pretty.

I love big modern locos. They are the greatest.

I don't care for the proposed paint scheme.  I think Scarlet Red and
Gray (aka SP) colors should be used with wings on the nose and Alaska in speed lettering!!

I like the new paint scheme, (but the "old" paint scheme was nicer and maybe also more expensive than the new one...) but its great that ARR again uses blue/yellow... but what I don't like is the font of the letters they use to write ALASKA on the new engines. So many different fonts are available and they use this simple and in my opinion ugly font.  It looks like a simple EMD design and not like a "proud" ARR idea.

I got to say that I like the new SD70MAC paint scheme. The design bears a close resemblance of the BN executive scheme used on its SD70MAC's and also shares some resemblance of the scheme that Conrail used on its SD70MAC's and SD80MAC's.

I like the new scheme -- it is similar to the color arrangement of the BN/BNSF green and cream scheme for SD70MACs.  The artwork look to indicate a lighter shade of blue -- hopefully the units will arrive with the current shade of blue.

I don't like it - in fact I find it nearly as repugnant as BN's former creme and green they decorated the SD70 MAC's when they first got them.

I must say I dislike your new paint scheme for the soon to arrive SD70MACs.  The ARR is very special and the scheme is sadly predictable and ordinary.  It reeks of a corporate "commitee" decision. "Uh, lets make it blue and yellow and the Big Dipper is popular and we gotta have ALASKA in bold print too..."  You are discarding one of the most popular and beloved paint schemes for one very sterile and antiseptic.  This is my greatest fear realized; another railroad paints their new engines like hotel courtesy vans.  Its the font of the letters that really lack imagination. The rest I'll get used too, but the plain Jane ALASKA is not a worthy billboard for this great state.