SD70MACs at Harbor Island and Balmer Yard

Here are photos of Harbor Island and Balmer Yard with ARR engines or ARR related subjects. There are 18 pictures. Pictures were taken between 6:28am and 6:57am, Monday, May 24, 2004.

It's a beautiful blue sky sunny day. The blackberry vines are in bloom.

Two more ARR engines arrive, spotted at Balmer Yard

This morning on the way home from work I rode to Harbor Island to catch the east side of 4321 & 4322 in the morning sunlight light. Took pictures.

Then on the way home I rode in to Balmer Yard and much to my surprise, I found two more ARR engines that look as they arrived recently. They were still attached to an inbound freight of loaded centerbeams, tanks, and boxes. I'm guessing the Everett Interbay. All others have come in on that run, via Canada.

ARR4323 and ARR4318 are now at Balmer Yard. There is nothing in front of 4318. Engines are elephant style with 4318 facing south most. Hidden partially by the caboose track and other visual impediments, the engines were photographable.

At the old Massachusetts pier at the north end of Harbor Island is a barge. Double Decked and in AML line paint, the barge appeared almost full with tanks, boxcars, and others in view. There may still be room on the barge for the engines. I will keep a daily eye on their activity.

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