SD70MACs at Harbor Island

On the way home from work this morning I rode my motorcycle in the rain from Bellevue, I-90, I-5, West Seattle Frwy, to Harbor Island, to find ARR4321 and ARR4322 setting out near the north end of the 16th Avenue Yard. Actually 15th is on the east side of the yard, and 16th is on the
west side of the yard, so it is a matter of choice but both run along the yard within spitting distance.

I found the engines attached to a gondola, with nothing surrounding the engines. Access for photos was excellent from either side of the yard. I chose 16th Av, looking east. Both engines are elephant style, both facing south with the 4322 south most. One shot shows the American Flag flying high in the distance. I also tried to get a pic or two with the Space Needle off in the distance, but that would have meant trespassing and a vary narrow wedgee shot. A little elevation would have helped, too. Oh well. The sky was very overcast but not wet where I was taking photos of these beautiful paint schemes. Both engines, SD70Ms are the second pair to arrive in Seattle. The first pair, 4319, and 4320 shipped out on a barge on Wednesday 19th, from the north end of Harbor Island. Shuttled by the Union Pacific I'll bet they looked impressive. There was sun that day.

At the south end of the yard I photographed two green ARR tank cars, and a ARR boxcar.

All photos were taken on Harbor Island, Saturday, May 22nd at about 6:30am by Steve Noland.
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