The History of ARR #2002

The Butte, Anaconda & Pacific (BA&P) was built in 1893 between the smelters of the Anaconda Copper Mining Co. at Anaconda, MT, and Butte. This was to fight back the rate wars with the Montana Union Ry. After some years as a steam road, the BA&P decided to electrify. This was done in 1912 and 1913. The road used the highest voltage then known, 2400V DC. 75 of the 114 miles of road were electrified. General Electric supplied seventeen locomotives, including two for passenger service. Four more freight units were added in 1914. Three "tractor trucks" or slugs were added at this time. In 1916, another locomotive was added. Later in 1916, three more were built, and three final units in 1917. Steam continued to operate on the non-electrified trackage until 1952, when two diesels replaced most of them. More diesels came and gradually replaced the electrics. Two more electrics came in 1957, but the last electric ran in 1967. The wire came down in 1969. In recent years, the remaining parts of the road became the Rarus Ry.

Number 109, GP38-2, was built by Electro-Motive December 1978, #786138-1. It later became Rarus Ry 109 and then was sold to Alaska RR as 2002 in April 1986.

Thanks to Don Ross for providing this information.

BAP #2002



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