I am almost certain that this car is #86. I recall that 86 was significantly different in appearance when compared to 87, 88, and 89. While it had the hospital car roof shape I recall it as having the smaller, square windows. If you look in the 1963 Equipment register in Prnce's book you will also note that is is different from the converted hospital cars - in that it is 7 feet shorter. Thus, it is very unlikely that it is a converted hospital car.

I seem to recall that it was used for a while on the Whittier mixed trains (#23 and 24) around 1960 after the train stopped running as a strict passenger train. The reason it ended up on this train was that it had a stove. There was not a power car run on the train and with the passengers at the end of the consist, there was no way to get heat back to them. A photo I have of 87 and 89 taken in 1962 on a Seward 4th of July excursion train show them without any stacks. I believe that 88 was the same way as the other two. This would have left only 86 to work the mixed. When I first saw the photo I knew that I had seen the car in service. It just took me a while to place where it was. - John Gray