The Alaskan cars: Two groups of cars were leased to the Alaska Railroad, apparently by Denver Railway Car. One was a group of four ex-D&RGW cars, the other were three ex-CB&Q cars. Of these three, Curt Fortenberry writes: "Amtrak domes 9450, 9451, and 9456 were leased to the Alaska Railroad in 1984. I don't believe they were ever used. My shots of them are in Amtrak paint, I'm real confident in saying they were never painted ARR, until someone shows me a shot, that's my story. They just sat around the Anchorage shops till probably around 86, when the ARR, under state control, purged the steam heated fleet. Although they had an ARR number assigned, I'm going to say they never actually wore them. From a distance they looked ok, but the dome glass was crap. Which was true for all the domes at that time. It wasn't till later that they began to go back to FRA glass. None of these show up on the active rosters of 83 through 86. When they were obtained, ARR was federal and I think was maintaining a strong passenger business. Under state ownership, it seemed like ARR wanted out of it."