Coach Union Pacific 5441 was constructed by ACF in 1950. At one time the car was in service as Alaska RR 5441. NS purchased the car in 1994 and it was rebuilt as a track geometry car NS 33 by the Roanoke Passenger Car Shop and the the NS Research & Tests Department. NS 33-NS 34 coupled traverse the NS system twice a year measuring and recording track geometry, rail profiles, collecting track video and recording DGPS data. The NS 34 contains the power plant to provide electricity to the pair. The geometry measuring devices are located on the NS34 in order to collect data under the weight of a fully loaded rail car. NS 33 contains the data processing equipment. NS 33 allows for seating of Engineering Department personnel that monitor the test at individual computer display work stations. The cars are in Norfolk Southern's standard office car paint scheme. - per John Beirne, Manager, track inspection