October 28, 2009 update: Alaska Rail Tours is no more.

October 15, 2004 update from Rail Division Manager Mathew Abbey: "Numbers 507, 508, 512, and 1394 will be rebranded for Alaska Rail Tours (ART) in the spring, but they will keep the paint with the mountail stripe. "McKinley Explorer" will say "Alaska Rail Tours", and the Westours label will be removed and replaced with the new ART logo. We are going to fix out identity issues this year. We will be "Holland America Line" with the "egg logo" on all of our busses and rail cars. "McKinley Explorer" will stay of course, but we are dropping Westours from all revenue equipment."

In a nutshell, Alaska Rail Tours are for those customers who want rail travel with Holland America, but aren't part of their cruise.


Alaska Rail Tours (Budd cars)

508 Matanuska
512 Tanana
513 Talkeetna as of 11/07
1394 Deshka

Deshka Alaska Rail Tours banner Alaska Rail Tours logo
Deshka under Alaska Rail Tours Alaska Rail Tours banner Alaska Rail Tours logo

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