agriculture hopper

Numbers: 14100, 14101
Built by: Thrall
Date Built: 1983
Capacity: 200,000 lbs. (4750 cf.)
Length: 58'
Height: 15'
Comments: ARR covered hopper at Alaska Mill and Feed. The small tractor is used to push the car until one of the bays is positioned over the loading pit.

From Chris van der Heide (12/10/09): I was looking at the page on hoppers on your site, and some of the information stated on this page is inaccurate. The quote from Raini Rischi identifies the 14850 series of cylindrical cement hoppers as ex-BNSF but they are decidedly not ex-BN/BNSF, they're ex-British Columbia Railway. (You have a photo of one of these on the main hoppers page correctly marked as ex-BC Rail)
The two cars ARR 14100-14101 are former AACX 001-020 series, most of the rest of the AACX cars are in service with IC now. Click here for more.

agricultural hopper agricultural hopper
IC 10161 covered hopper, Brantford, Onatrio on February 22, 2004 IC 10163 covered hopper, Guelph, Onatrio on January 11, 2004

From ARR employee Raini Risch (10/8/04): "The 14850 series covered hoppers were bought from BNSF (if I'm not mistaken) as they match others we have up here in paint schemes but have been renumbered 14850 - 14859. As I mentioned before, they don't run as a unit but are piece-mealed up here on our barges from Seattle. Numbers 14100 and 14101 are specifically used for feed (barley, corn, etc.) loading for AK Mill and Feed products."

From Scott Harris (10/13/04): "I've learned that the fleet was sold to private leasors and now wears WLO reporting marks as a subsidiary of CN/IC. I'm unsure why exactly the ARR took ownership of just the 14100 and 14101, but it remains the case."

Yukon Sam's Hopper