Hopper #6022
Numbers: 16000-16024
Built by: Raceland Car Shops
Date Built: March 1981
Capacity: 100 tons
Length: 53'
Comments: Curt Fortenberry's commentary: "That's an interesting shot. For one thing, buried in the shadows is the first number, 1, so the correct number is 16022. 16000-16024 were built by Raceland Car Shops in March 1981, and they had a different ARR scheme, a smaller stencil like lettering. The PACCAR built series, 16025-076, were built in 1982, with the large Alaska, as shown on the photo. SO, I think they renumbered the car wrong, as that paint scheme is not part of that series, OR, they renumbered to fill a vacant slot due to a scrapping (which is unusual for ARR at least in the past)."