Video Title:  "The Alaska Railroad"
Produced: 1998 by Red Caboose Video
Length:  35 minutes
Reviewer: Pat Durand

THE ALASKA RAILROAD from Red Caboose Video is for you, if you want to see the F units in their original 1952 Blue and Yellow paint scheme.  You need an active imagination because this is a video copy of an old 16 mm color film by the Department of the Interior from the early 1950's and is very grainy and color faded.  The narration is typical 1950's propaganda, but there are lots of fuzzy pictures of the troop car conversion reefers and box cars etc.  Summer and winter operations and a Jordan Spreader working are included.  The then new F units, F7A 1506, FP7 1510 and FP7 1514 are the locomotives featured.   As the only video covering this period of operation, it will do.  14 minutes in color of sorts.     Cost  $20.00