Excerpts from Extra 2200 South

Dec '70

1/71-RS1 1001 has been moved from the scrap line to the enginehouse where she will be converted to a slug. Other units will follow if this attempt proves a success.
Phillip C. Faudi, Anchorage, Alaska

1/71-Awaiting new engine: F-7 1516. Units in long term storage; F3's 1511, 1515, 1517, 1520. Units taken out of long-term storage for reconditioning and repainting; F7's 1522, 1523. S-2 #7109, after ten months out of service following complete rewiring, received the near new engine of retired unit 1065 and was placed in service as the Seward yard switcher on Oct. 2, 1970.

F-7b 1507 is last F7 constructed (b/n 19047! 11/53!) FP7 1514 is last FP7 constructed (b/n 19066! 12/53).
ARR is operating a ski train from Anchorage to Girdwood on Sat. & Sun. mornings, leaving at 8:30 am and returning at 6:40 pm. Will operate until mid-Feb.
Phillip C. Faudi, Anchorage, Alaska

Jan/Feb '71

F7B's 1517 and 1519 taken out of long-term storage and are being readied for return to service. Gp35 2502 in back shop for heavy repairs. (4/71)
Phillip C. Faudi, Anchorage, Alaska

May/June 1972

(6/11/72) FP7 #1514 now had DOT Herald added to nose since 5/10/72. GP7L's #1827, 1838, are latest to receive "beer keg" stacks joining #1826, 1831. All passenger F's have winterization hatches for passenger heat equipment, a modification since last summer.

New AuRoRa Vistaliner service inaugurated 5/21/72 with ex UP passenger equipment is headed in part by repainted F's #1514, 1509. New passenger scheme features gray underbody and trucks: yellow sides from just below the portholes that comes to a "V" in the center-line just above the snowplow to include the number boards: blue upper carbody, Rear carbody, snowplow and thin stripe at bottom of carbody: new "ALASKA" herald on the sides. Passenger F's 1510, 1512, and possibly 1517 to receive same treatment.

Also shows a small pic of 1514 in new paint scheme.

Daniel A. Napoliello, APO Seattle, Wa

July/August '72

Reported interest in purchasing E-units from MoPac delayed and/or canceled for two reasons: (1) units not equipped with dynamic brakes and ARR shops unsure about so equipped units; General Manager (from BN on 1/1/72) figures the ARR has extra motive power at present and plans to store between 10 and 15 F-units during the winter months.

Business slow on ARR this summer, partially due to general economic conditions, especially no North Slope pipeline construction this year. Also due to longshoremans slowdown on Seattle docks hampering big shipper SeaLand (using containers). SeaLand at present has transferred operations to Port of Tacoma and may do so permanently with loss of $30 million to Port of Seattle.

Reports also indicate that one or more of the car ferry operations to Alaska may be suspended during the winter months. Probable suspension would be on the CN-sponsored car ferry leaving Alaska Hydro Train and Alaska Steam still working. Work on new spur at Fairbanks progressing well now after argument with Army over routing of spur (ARR wanted to route thru a housing area and Army refused--ARR lost). The ARR is using "sectional" track and switches built in Fairbanks yard and trucked to spur.

Reports from patrons indicate new equipment for the AuRoRa Vistaliner is having problems as the ARR shop personnel are not familiar with the steam operated air conditioning equipment. Dome car reported "extremely Hot" on run of Aug. 6, 1972, from Anchorage to Fairbanks.

In general, things extra slow up here this summer as economy very slow. Only real heavy activity in shops is converting WWII troop sleepers to high cube cars as these are only cars railroads "outside" will actively use in interchange. Reports indicate only Alco RS1 # 1000 (original ARR diesel) remains to prevent all EMD roster. (August 1972)

John Henderson, Kenai, Alaska