Ship Creek Intermodal Center

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On October 6, the railroad had the "Ship Creek Intermodal Center Open House"– long term for 'train station renovations'

The architect of the job, ECI/Heyer did a presentation of the upcoming station renovations. Attached are pictures taken, including a nice mock up that has been in the station for some part of this year showing what the completed work will look like.

The project info presented can also be found at the AKRR website, under Ship Creek Intermodal Facility: Ship Creek Intermodal Center.pdf

Highlights (from what I can recall):

The project will be done in three phases – first starting at the end of passenger season 2006.

First phase will include existing utility relocations, and changing of the track layout. Existing track will be removed and replace with Tracks #1, #2 for passengers, and track #5 as a run through main.

Second phase will be station renovations and service building construction (new building will be on the side of the existing station). The old baggage building will be removed

Third phase is the addition of the skybridge.

The parking garage will be added under phase two or three.

Adding tracks 3, and 4 will be done to accommodate possible future commuter train traffic when needed.

Matt Leistico