The Email Lottery Has Ended

From June 1998 to May 1999 I held an email lottery to win an ARR patch. I paid all the expenses (24 patches, 24 envelopes, 24 winner's certificates and postage) and next door neighbor Judge Gary drew two winning names each month. Winners were as far away from me as Switzerland and as close as Springboro (30 minute drive). Robert Krol was the only person to win twice. I have kept records of all entries and would gladly answer any questions regarding the lottery.

Thanks to all those who took the time to enter! Below is the list of winners and the rules used for the lottery.

Date Winner #1 Winner #2 Num. of Entries
June 1998 John Rinker 
Tarzana, TX
Mal Cohen 
Saint John, NB, Canada
July 1998 Thomas Koole 
Springboro, OH
Elizabeth Lonsberry 
Keeseville, NJ
August 1998 Robert Krol 
Whittier, AK
Janice Ing 
Brampton, Ontario
September 1998 David Guidos 
Myrtle Beach, SC
Robert Krol 
Whittier, AK
October 1998 Ken Reuben 
Hamden, CT
Leslie Rich 
Williamstown, MA
November 1998 Bernie Heming 
Anchorage, AK
Denise Lowe 
West Monroe, LA
December 1998 Mitch Scharman 
Kuna State, ID
Jim Mock 
Haines, AK
January 1999 William Griffith 
Hinesburg, VT
Peirce Behrendt 
Southbury, CT
February 1999 Robert Algeri 
Nashua, NH
Allen Hurst 
Milwaukie, OR
March 1999 Jerry McGinn 
Clinton Township, MI
Glenn Wright 
Akron, OH
April 1999 Steve Wiedmer 
Sins, Switzerland
Dave Hogan 
Lancaster, CA
May 1999 Jim Norris
Reynolds Station, KY
Keith King
Virginia Beach, VA

Official Rules

1. No purchase necessary. It's free! Simply fill out the form.

2. Since I am running this lottery, it is open to everyone including Alaska Railroad employees. However, the entry form must be completed in full. Any incomplete form (excluding the comments field) will void entry into this lottery.
3. A drawing will take place each month beginning June 1998 and ending May 1999. You can only enter drawings once per month. However, winners may continue to re-enter each month.

4. Entries must be received by 12:00 midnight Eastern Standard (Daylight Savings) Time on the last day of the month. The time display on my main Alaska Railroad page will be used as a reference.

5. A winner will be selected by random drawing on or around the first day of the following month. The drawing will be conducted by Gary, my next door neighbor who is an honest judge for the Montgomery County Courts. All decisions are final.

6. Winners will be notified by e-mail and will have their names, city and state posted on the winner's page.

7. In order to receive the prize, winners must reply within 15 days. Failure to reply or the return of any prize as undeliverable will disqualify a winner and another random drawing will be held.

8. The winning odds depend on the total number of entries received within the entry period.

9. This lottery is void where prohibited by law. All federal, provincial, state, and local laws and regulations apply.

10. Good luck and have fun!!!


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